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This Website is for the Yateley Society Executive Committee


INTRODUCTION:  This website was started in 2008 to enable committee members to follow discussions more easily, to avoid lengthy emails, and to provide access to background data such as the constitution, standing orders and meeting minutes. A section for reports for Executive Committee meetings has been added in 2010.  Members who have been invited to access this wiki website can edit it directly by clicking EDIT above.  Alternatively they can indicate on their emails where they would like the text of their emails to be added to this site. 



The Society's constitution gives powers to the Executive Committee and determines its make-up and modus operandi. 

The Executive thus fulfils three roles:

1. as the legal entity comprising the officers and trustees of the charity elected annually;

2. the administrative function such as keeping and publishing accounts, writing minutes of meetings, collecting subscriptions, runnning the talks programme, publishing the newsletter and attendingmeetings of other bodies; and

3. the executive function of achieving the Society's charitable object clauses using the powers set out in the constitution.



The legal role is fulfilled by presenting to the Annual General Meeting members willing to be elected as the four officers, and between four and eight other members to meeting a minimum of six times per year as the trustees of the charity. 

The committee usually makes nominations at its December meeting, publishes the required paperwork and presents nominees for election at the Society's AGM in February.



Four officers are required by the constitution, but they can also fulfil other executive roles. The four officers are:

  • Chairman 

  • Vice Chairman
  • Hon Secretary 
  • Hon Treasurer

  The administrative roles covered by the officers, members of the committee, and others

  • Membership Secretary: collecting subscriptions and administering membership;
  • Minutes Secretary: publishing minutes of the committee and AGM 
  • Chairman of the Talks, Walks & Events Committee: administering the Society's programme, booking halls and administering hospitality at meetings;
  • Newsletter Editor: publishing and printing the Society's Newsletter
  • Newsletter Distributor: distributing the newsletter and maintaining the network of distributors;
  • A Librarian and an Archivist
  • Members to outside bodies: appointments are made to outside bodies, some short-lived, other long-term;



The raison d'etre of the Society is to fulfil the charitable object clauses set out in its constitution. Briefly these are:

1. to educate the public about Yateley to promote civic pride

2. to preserve features of historic or public interest

3. to promote better land use and community planning

4. to promote biodiversity and conservation of natural habitats


At the moment these objectives are accomplished through the activities of:

  • The Planning Subcommittee - all clauses
  • The Conservation Volunteers - all clause but particularly (4)
  • The Society's websites all clause but particularly (1)

In the recent past the Society also had:

  • A team mounting an annual exhibition - all clause, mainly (1)

Until about 10 years ago the Society had

  • A Publications Subcommittee - all clauses - mainly (1)
  • A Local History Group - all clauses
  • A Natural History Group - all clauses particularly (4)
  • A May Fayre Coordinator - all clauses - mainly (1)

When it was set up in 1981 the Society was organised in a series of subcommittees, which all met separately but all reported to the Executive via the subcommittee chairmen.  See in particular the EC minutes on this website for 1982


The Society cannot continue to exist just by electing a committee and appointing members to the administrative functions. There must be leadership to accomplish the Society's object clauses through various executive and managerial functions,


The Executive Committee must decide how it wishes to achieve the Society's charitable objectives, either by appointing Trustees or other members  to the executive positions, or by reorganising the management of the



Reorganisations suggestions have been invited since this site was initiated. Suggestion can be made by email or directly be editing the discussion pages on the SideBar of this website

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